About us

                           Romp Around Boutiques

   It has always been a passion of mine to open my own boutique. As a stay at home mom of two highly energetic boys, being there for my family is my top priority. R​omp Around Boutique​s allows me to be a mom first, and a business owner second.

  Everyday must start with a methodical plan in our house. Although my children may look like they’re put together on a daily basis, believe me, it wasn’t easy getting them to that point. After battling with my two young boys to get ready, I’m left with five minutes to myself. Who has time to put an entire outfit together? I can tell you, definitely not me. My go to outfit—rompers.

  Having two boys and shopping for myself is nearly impossible, and not an enjoyable experience like it’s meant to be for us women. After looking in my closet today, I can tell you I still have the same clothes that I had four years ago. The last thing my boys, or any child for that matter, want to do, is sit in a dressing room while I try to find that “perfect look”.
Time is irreplaceable.

  I could think of endless activities my kids would rather be doing, and shopping is not one of them. As a parent, we put our children and family first. They are our top priorities, not ourselves. ​Romp Around Boutique​s has been created with the goal of making shopping as convenient as possible for our customers. This boutique isn’t just meant for our “super moms” out there. It is meant for women of all ages who don’t have the time we wish we had to get that “perfect look” together.

  Rompers and jumpsuits have always given me the effortless look that I strive for. Not only are they comfortable, they give you that versatile chic style, while making you feel like an empowered woman.

  Romp Around Boutiques ​promises to give you the best customer service because we know how precious and valuable your time is. We want you to be able to open your closet and see the endless options of outfits that will give you that formal or low key look you’re going for that day. Revel in our rompers and jumpsuits for every season.

                                  With Love,
​                             Jessica O’Donnell